Digital Juice Introduces PhotoKnockouts
Posted Oct 14, 2009

Digital Juice® today introduced, PhotoKnockoutsTM, a new collection of royalty-free, pre-masked, high resolution people photos designed for print, presentations, web, and video professionals. The gigantic collection comes on 10 DVD's, includes over 12,000 photos, featuring more than 150 models, and covering 100 different themes. The product is available for an introductory price of $249.95 with special bonus offerings for the first 500 customers who order.

"PhotoKnockouts is the largest and most affordable single collection of professional grade people photos ever created," said Viv Beason, Digital Juice President, "I think this is a great first entrance into the royalty-free photo market for us."

PhotoKnockouts' 12,000 images give designers and multimedia professionals the flexibility and options they require for demanding projects with tight deadlines and budgets. Hiring models for custom shoots is generally out of the question for all but the most elite projects and the cost of buying photos individually adds up quickly.

Shot in a studio environment on an oversized Cyc wall with the industry respected 39 megapixel Hasselblad H2 digital medium format camera, each photo starts life as a 7000 x 4000 pixel image and is painstakingly cut out from the background by hand. Over 25,000 hours, or nearly 10 man-years of effort was required to complete the collection and every image is large enough for billboards, yet easily scaled for video and presentation work.

"Diversity and flexibility was the goal for the project as it features all races, ages, occupations and activities. From comedic, to characters, to sports and everyday people," continues Viv Beason. "The package is easily the most comprehensive on the market today."

Digital Juice Senior Creative Director, Jacqui Dawson said, "As a print designer, I love how many different creative options this new photo library gives me. There is a little bit of everything in here, from the serious to the humorous, literal to the metaphoric, and everything in between."

Searching and finding just the right photo is made easy with the included free Juicer software. The latest version of the Juicer supports advanced searching, grouping and filtering options just for PhotoKnockouts, allowing easy sifting through the 12,000 photos. Once the image or images required are found the software will instantly export directly to the software application of your choice including Photoshop, PowerPoint, or any program that supports the PNG format.

PhotoKnockouts is available for immediate purchase at