WEVA EXPO 2009 New Virtual Trade Show Set for Tuesday, November 10th
Posted Sep 24, 2009

Following-up on the success of the WEVA 19th Annual Wedding & Event Video Expo presented by Wedding & Event Videographers Association International (WEVA) last week, the Association has announced that WEVA EXPO 2009 Virtual Trade Show a live on-line presentation will be held Tuesday, November 10, 2009 for participation by attendees worldwide.

Exhibit booths on the show floor will feature the latest digital video and HD DSLR technology, plus free system-training, and the WEVA EXPO 2009 Virtual Trade Show will also include cutting-edge sessions for wedding & event video professionals, WEVA 2009 Creative Excellence Award Winners, new wedding film techniques, industry networking via LIVE CHAT, and more during the day and evening.

"New Internet technology and video industry developments mean the WEVA EXPO 2009 Virtual Trade Show will make it possible for wedding and event video producers nationwide and around the globe to discover new industry trends, techniques, and technology for wedding and event work and network with peers as well," said WEVA International Chairman Roy Chapman.

"At the show, attendees will have the ability to see HOW brand new technology and techniques are being applied creatively, and successful methods for MARKETING wedding and event productions in today's competitive new media marketplace, all from their own computer or mobile device. And that's exciting for anyone producing video today!"

More information about the WEVA EXPO 2009 Virtual Trade Show Tuesday, November 10th will be posted soon on WEVA.com. Exhibitors may contact the WEVA office now for Exhibitor information at admin@weva.com or 941-923-5334. Mark your calendar now to save the date!

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