Digital Rebellion Releases FCS Maintenance Pack
Posted Sep 18, 2009

Major problems always seem to occur right on a deadline - FCS Maintenance Pack is designed to rapidly diagnose and fix common issues, ensuring users get back on track as quickly as possible. With the Task Scheduler utility, maintenance tasks can even be scheduled in the background so users never have to worry about them.

The software also includes several tools for simplifying common tasks such as installing and managing plugins, locating corrupt media in a Final Cut Pro timeline, analyzing crash logs, streamlining applications to remove unused architectures and languages, and much more.

The applications in the suite include:

Extra launch and display options for Final Cut Studio applications

FCS Maintenance Pack is available for a mere $99 and a fully-functional 15 day trial is available to give users a complete taste of the software's capabilities. FCS Maintenance Pack is an essential troubleshooting and maintenance tool that every post production professional should have in their toolkit.

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About Digital Rebellion
Digital Rebellion LLC is a post production company based in Burbank, California. The cutting-edge nature of its work requires heavy development of custom in-house software, and the company has chosen to release portions of this work to the outside world.

Previously-released products include FCS Remover, to aid in reinstalling a faulty installation of Final Cut Studio; Compressor Repair, for repairing the link between Apple Compressor and Qmaster; and Preference Manager, for managing user preferences. Past creative productions include the multi-award-winning feature film "Perfect Sport".

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