Pixound Jam Studio Gets New Features and Better Functionality in Lates Release
Posted Aug 25, 2009

Techné Media has released version 2.04 of Pixound Jam Studio software for Mac. The software allows users of all levels, to translate colors and images into music and allows the user to "play" pictures with a mouse or graphic tablet.

The Pixound Jam Studio has an endless number of uses from education, toys and games, professional musical and dance performances, and aids for the visually impaired. Inventor, Peter McClard says of his creation, "The most important use for Pixound is to have fun. Fortunately, that's a given if you like music, like pictures and enjoy new experiences because Pixound immediately delivers on all of these."

For more information about Pixound or to download a free demo of Pixound Jam Studio, please visit: www.pixound.com.

This version has several new features to make the jamming experience more expressive and exciting. These features include six new drum patterns and three new bass patterns, which accompany the user while playing their pictures. The engineers at Techné Media also added new capabilities to control how the red, green and blue components of the images are turned into music. This allows the tempo, volume and octave of red, green and blue voices to be set independently. The engineers also added new features for MIDI synthesizer users to get more out of the program. Furthermore, a number of bugs were fixed, making the overall user experience less frustrating and more fun.

Pixound 2.04 includes an improved Groovology DesktopTM function, creating new musical mixes as the user navigates to different windows on their Mac. All performances can be recorded and imported into iTunes.

A free, demo of Pixound Jam Studio can be downloaded at http://store.gluon.com/TechneMedia/PixoundJamStudio.dmg.

Pixound Jam Studio can be ordered online for $99. For more information and to purchase, please visit www.pixound.com.