New K-Tek Mounting Accessories for DV Cameras
Posted Jul 9, 2009

K-Tek has the accessory mounting solution for today’s compact DV cameras.

With the increasing popularity of compact camcorders, there is now a multitude of accessories such as microphones, on-board lights, and portable LCD monitors that rely on the camera's shoe for power and a mounting point. Often, shooters are faced with the problem of how to get all this gear to fit around the tiny shoe. Known for their professional boom poles, microphone support products, and windscreens, K-Tek has solved the problem with new K-series mounting accessories.

The K-Tek Shoe Bridge (#K-BRG) provides users with a 6.5” (16.5cm) shoe bridge that sits 4” (10cm) over the camera for mounting multiple accessories. The Shoe Step Adapter (K-SSA) repositions the camera shoe 2” (50mm) above the camera. K-Tek’s Offset Shoe Extender (K-OSE) repositions the camera shoe 2.6” (66mm) vertically and 2.25” (57mm) fore or aft of the camera.

These smartly designed new K-Tek DV Camera accessories are precision made in the USA of top grade materials and are black anodized to function unobtrusively.

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