Inlet Technologies Announces Support For Live Streaming to Apple iPhone
Posted Jul 10, 2009

Inlet Technologies, the leading provider of live streaming and on-demand solutions for digital media, announced today that the company is one of the first encoding technology providers to publicly demonstrate and support live streaming to the Apple® iPhone™.

Inlet was the first to showcase iPhone streaming at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference last month in San Francisco.

Using iPhone OS 3.0 and the latest release of Inlet’s Spinnaker™ live streaming solution, real-time streaming of live sports, news or other events can now reach an iPhone. Additionally, capabilities similar to Apple’s Stream Segmenter will be built directly into Spinnaker, simplifying the customer’s workflow and eliminating additional hardware from the system. The level of interoperability provided by Spinnaker allows content creators to stream live to the iPhone in popular formats including H.264 video and HE-AAC audio. These new advances enable any broadcaster, sports league or entertainment provider to deliver live content to the iPhone with a minimum of effort.

“We are proud to add this to a long list of industry ‘firsts’ from Inlet. By supporting live streaming to Apple’s iPhone, Inlet is once again at the forefront of the digital media revolution. The iPhone is clearly a pervasive consumer device, offering compelling opportunities to reach viewers.” said John Bishop, senior vice president of strategy and business development, Inlet Technologies. “This also reflects our continued commitment to helping companies increase the reach of their content, in any format to any screen, through intelligent media infrastructure solutions.”

Inlet’s Spinnaker family of live streaming appliances delivers stunning picture quality (in HD or SD), allowing content creators to offer viewers a “living room” experience over the Web. Spinnaker supports all of the major formats, including H.264, VC-1, Silverlight and Flash VP6, and allows content creators to stream multiple formats simultaneously from one source. Spinnaker is ideal for live sports, as it can create real-time highlights without the need for additional file preparation. Users can switch between multiple games or multiple camera angles during a single event. URLs or captions, such as scores and statistics, can also be inserted directly into the live stream. Spinnaker also offers calendar-based scheduling (ideal for recurring events), 24/7 reliability, and is designed to be used remotely, in fleets, or locally.

In addition to support for streaming to Apple’s iPhone, Spinnaker also includes support for other adaptive streaming protocols, including Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Adobe Dynamic Streaming. Other updates include multi-encoder synchronization and numerous audio enhancements. For more details on this latest release of Spinnaker, visit

About Inlet Technologies
Inlet provides live streaming and on-demand solutions that help companies build more intelligent, robust digital media infrastructures. Our industry expertise, proven products and outstanding support gives content owners and distributors the confidence they need to execute successful media strategies. Inlet enables them to increase their content’s value by providing the industry’s fastest time-to-output, setting new standards for quality, and being the first to reach new screens. Industry leaders such as Major League Baseball, Microsoft, Yahoo!, M6 and Home Shopping Network rely on Inlet for easy implementation, technology dexterity and enterprise scale for their mission critical operations.