Intelligent Assistance releases rewritten "Simple Encoding Recipes"
Posted Jul 13, 2009

Intelligent Assistance have completely rewritten the first in their Instant Expert series: "Simple Encoding Recipes for the Web." This 56-page printable pdf is designed to provide simple, easily-repeatable settings in recipe form.

These Recipes do not pretend to teach you about compression and encoding.

Instead they are easy recipes that will get you great results with minimal effort, whether you use Apple Compressor, Telestream Episode Pro or Sorenson Squeeze; whether your source is 4:3, Letterboxed or true 16:9, in PAL, NTSC or HD.

At the start of "Simple Encoding Recipes for the Web" is a section on deciding what format is most appropriate for your audience, followed by individual sections for each type of output.

There are recipes for H.264 (MPEG-4); Windows Media and Flash 8/9. There's a bonus section on preparing video for uploading to video sharing sites like that has been rewritten to accommodate YouTube’s evolving requirements.

Simple Encoding Recipes for the Web" includes links to web pages so you can compare the results side-by-side, exactly as your footage will appear, following these recipes.

The new volume has 56 pages (4 more than the original), most of which are screen snaps from Compressor, Episode Pro and Sorenson Squeeze, with all the settings you need to get great looking video on the web with minimal effort. All for just US$4.95 by instant digital download.

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