Blackmagic Design Releases Software Update for all Videohub Routers
Posted Jun 30, 2009

Blackmagic Design Inc. today released a major software update for all Videohub routers. Videohub 4.0 adds support for  a revolutionary "button view" control screen that is designed to be easy to use  on touch screen computers. Button view features an attractive design where users can choose from a number of icons of popular video equipment and the button layout is fully customizable.

Traditionally other routers have used very complicated software control that's often Windows only, and has too many router management features that make it hard for creative users to route video connections in busy television broadcast and post production facilities. Videohub 4.0 solves this problem, as router control is as simple as clicking large easy to understand buttons with custom icons the user can set to help make selecting the correct source and destinations quick and simple.

There are three Button View control panel windows that can be selected in Videohub 4.0. Two of these button views are designed for dedicated full screen use on 24 inch and 20 inch monitors when customers dedicate a computer as a router control panel. The new HP Touchsmart all in one desktop computers with touch screens are perfect as a low cost router control panel when used with Button Views. Users only need to touch the attractive buttons on screen and router cross-points are changed instantly. Videohub software is available for both Windows and Mac OS X, so iMac type computers can also be used.

The third type of Button View control panel window is a smaller 8 source x 4 destination size, and is designed to allow a fast to use control panel window for editors and designers on their desktop. Previous versions of Videohub software were limited to a popup menu design for changing router connections, however this Button View window features the same interface as the full screen button views. This view can be quickly minimized and opened so it's available when needed. Videohub 4.0 software also retains the previous popup control windows for users who want to keep using the router as before.

"I think the one weakness Videohub routers had in the past is the control software," said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. "We have been working on this issue for a long time, and finally we have provided software that's just as good as the Videohub routers themselves, and we now have the world's best looking router software that's just so fun and easy to use. It's really fantastic, and I cannot wait to see customers' reactions!"

Videohub 4.0 is available now as a free download for all Videohub router customers from the Blackmagic Design web site at