Bella Corporation Ships the HD Mouse and Updates Drivers
Posted May 22, 2009

Bella Corporation, a leading producer of innovative and award-winning video products, today announced they are shipping their latest product, the HD Mouse. Bella also announced that version 3.0 software drivers are now available for their award winning jog/shuttle keyboards.

The HD Mouse
The wireless HD Mouse delivers the ultimate multimedia experience, providing exciting capabilities not found in any other mouse. Using patented technology in Bella's exclusive HD software, mouse movements (X and Y axis) can be defined to provide intuitive gesture-type control, such as transforming the HD Mouse into a jog/shuttle controller for video editing enthusiasts. Power users will appreciate being able to program any keystroke, combination keystroke or series of keystrokes (macros) to any of the buttons, scroll wheel or mouse movement.

Intuitive Control
Users can easily switch between standard mouse operation and HD mode by simply clicking on the scroll wheel. A customizable, application specific on-screen display can also be activated to provide mouse feedback. With included presets for popular Mac and Windows applications, multiple predefined, program specific actions, and nearly an infinite number of user defined choices, the HD Mouse provides the ultimate convenience and unparalleled performance.

Power & Speed
Whether it's basic navigation, high-end gaming, graphics or HD content creation, the wireless HD Mouse (up to 26 feet) is up to the most challenging tasks. Offering a slip resistant grip with its rubberized body and comfort in either hand, the HD Mouse provides a powerful 1600 DPI resolution at a blazing 3000 frames per second.

The HD Mouse has an MSRP of $69.95 and is available through numerous retail channels as well as directly via the Bella Corporation web site at

New Jog/Shuttle Keyboard Drivers Now Available

JSM 3.0 Driver
The JSM Version 3.0 Drivers are now available for free download for both Mac and Windows users. Besides an updated interface look, the new driver is fully compatible with Windows XP / Vista 32 and 64 bit versions. Now included with the driver is an On Screen Display (OSD), which can be activated depending on a user's needs. Application specific, the OSD can be placed anywhere on the screen to provide shuttle feedback, further enhancing productivity. The new drivers are available free via the Bella web site at