April 20 BAPVA Meeting to Be Streamed Live on Ustream.tv
Posted Apr 20, 2009

Monday, April 20th, the Bay Area Professional Videographers Association meeting will feature 2 hot presentation topics, Best Practices for Wedding Gig Networking and Audio Acquisition for Videographers, and the entire presentation will be available live on Ustream.tv for free! The meeting itself will take place at The Santa Clara Fire Dept. Training Center, 1900 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara, CA.

First Program: Best Practices for Wedding Gig Networking
This will be an interactive panel and audience discussion of effective networking practices for wedding videographers. Our panel will consist of Gene Higa (an award winning wedding photographer), Nicole Lisanne (Formerly D'Ambra, a highly recognized wedding planner), and Elisheva Basseri (an event planner at the Westin Palo Alto). This segment is intended to be an open forum for sharing of ideas and approaches to make us all better at networking for wedding gigs.

Specific subjects to be covered:
- How to establish a network
- Who should videographers network with
- Key elements/pre-requisites for establishing a relationship; What do you look for in a networking partner
- How do service providers prefer to be approached, effective first conversations
- Do venue lists matter?
- Maintaining a network
- After a job is booked how can we help each other deliver on it
- Relationship maintenance activities

Second Program: Audio Acquisition for Videographers; with Sennheiser
This program is intended to insure that our audio is as good as our video images. Sennheiser representative Marke Burgstahler, will give us a primer on what equipment to carry, how to properly use it (do you know how to set the gain structure of a wireless mic system to avoid distortion?), and give us the most up to date information on the FCC Frequency Spectrum Re-allocation that will affect your current wireless mics and provide guidance on your next purchase.

Specific subjects to be covered:
- Necessary audio equipment for the event and corporate videographer (ie. different types of mics/connectors/isolators/adapters/headphones/cables/mixers, etc)
- Fundamentals of audio acquisition
- Gain structure setup
- Proper use of on-cam wireless systems
- Impedance and level matching
- General tips for quality sound acquisition
- FCC spectrum changes and its effect on the use of wireless mics