Keeping up with Jones, Episode 3, featuring Joey Mathews of 31 Films, Pt. 1 & 2
Posted May 16, 2009


Mason Jar FilmsIn Episode 2 of Keeping up with Jones, roving documentarian Chris P. Jones catches up with Houston-based cinematographer Joey Mathews of 31 Films to discuss 31 Films' approach to wedding filmmaking, his music video work, the wonders of Apple TV, and the challenges of juggling a video business, farming, and parenthood. Jones also gets a glimpse of Mathews' revolutionary "infant filming" techniques. Stay tuned to EventDV-TV for part 3 of this 3-part episode.

Also, be sure to check out previous episodes in which Jones catches up with fellow 2008 EventDV 25 honoree Joe Simon of Joe Simon Productions, as Joe opens the vault on his trade-secret motion-camera techniques and playground cinematics.