Zacuto Releases New Video on the Panasonic HPX300
Posted Feb 25, 2009

The Panasonic HPX300 is the hot new camera on the block. The HPX300 is a 1080p 10 bit ENG camera that includes a Fujinon 17x lens and can be purchased for a street price around $8,500. This affordable camera has several stand-out features; shoots in every format including AVC-intra codec, a durable form factor design for shoulder-mount support and has an interchangeable lens system. All of these qualities are going to put Panasonic back in the competition against the Sony EX3.

Ned Johnston, Midwest Sales Manager from Panasonic, stopped by Zacuto USA earlier this week with a sneak peek of the Panasonic HPX300. Together, Zacuto owners Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn, Ned Johnston and local DP John Terendy discussed the soon-to-be-released Panasonic HPX300 ENG 1080p camera. In typical Zacuto fashion, a video was created to give potential buyers and filmmakers the opportunity to see a side by side comparison of the Sony EX3 and Panasonic HPX300 in action. In addition, a pros and cons conversation to breakdown all of the important features to help determine if it is the camera for you. Go to to see this new video.

Some of the Panasonic HPX3000 Key Features:

"What intrigues me about this camera is that it is the first camera in this price range that sits on your shoulder right. It has a real lens with a controllable F-stop, big switches/controls and it fits that market where you could be doing corporate, industrial, broadcast work. Plus, you can always put a DOF adapter on it and suddenly be filming a movie. For the price it is a fantastic camera." Says, John Terendy, a 20 year veteran in film and television production and also an owner of some of the latest cameras including a RED, HVX200, DVX100B and a Sony Digital Betacam.

"I've been asking for this for years! You are giving broadcasters, event videographers, corporate videographers and our specialty, independent filmmakers a chance to have an affordable, professional camera" Says, Steve Weiss, Director, Zacuto.

Watch and find out as Steve, Ned, Jens and John answer these questions; What is AVC intra codec? Who is this camera for? Can I use it for digital cinematography? Can I get mount all of my accessory gear to it including a DOF adapter? And much more at

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