OWC Announces Voyager Hard Drive Docking Bundles with FireWire 800/400, USB 2.0, and E-SATA Interfaces
Posted Feb 26, 2009

Other World Computing (OWC), a leading Mac and PC technology company, announced today nine new OWC Voyager Hard Drive Docking Bundles that come complete with the NewerTech Voyager hard drive dock; a high performance, SATA hard drive with options including the most energy efficient operation and/or highest capacity drives available on the market up to 2.0TB; and a $200 retail value disk utility software bundle consisting of Intech SpeedTools/Prosoft Data Backup 3/NovaStor NovaBackup. Priced starting at $109.99, the Voyager Hard Drive Docking Bundles feature either the NewerTech Voyager Q, the only "Quad Interface" FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0, & eSATA hard drive docking station on the market or the NewerTech Voyager S2 USB 2.0/eSATA interface model, for Plug & Play compatibility with both Windows and Macintosh systems.

The OWC Voyager Bundle is a Plug and Play easy to use external hard drive solution that works with both Macs and PCs straight from the box. Simply insert the included 3.5" SATA I/II hard drive (up to 2.0TB) into the NewerTech Voyager compact docking base and select the fastest interface supported by the connected computer to backup and store data; archive multiple smaller drives onto the OWC Voyager hard drive; or even create a bootable clone of the primary hard drive. Because there isn't anything to install or configure, Voyager saves users the time and inconvenience of installing a hard drive into a computer or an external hard drive enclosure, which may have limited interface choices and slower speeds.

Voyager Docking Station Makes Swapping Hard Drives as Convenient as USB Memory Keys
With the combination of a high performance 3.5" SATA I/II hard drive along with a NewerTech Voyager docking station, consumers can enjoy the same type of convenience as a flash memory or USB key, but with the much greater storage capacity offered by a hard drive. Plus, with its custom, stylish design, weighted base and drive eject lever, the NewerTech Voyager makes inserting, using, and removing the included hard drive a safe and effortless procedure.

Drive Options with Most Energy Efficiency & Highest Capacity Available On Market
Voyager Bundles feature hard drives that deliver best-in-class performance, boasting options with the largest capacity hard drives and best energy efficiency on the market. Voyager 1.0TB Bundles feature the Hitachi Deskstar 3.5" hard drive that delivers the best energy efficiency on the market, with up to 43% less idle power consumption over previous generation 1.0TB hard drives. Users with massive storage needs can select the Voyager Bundles that feature the 2.0TB Western Digital Caviar Green hard drive, the largest capacity, eco-friendly single 3.5" hard drive available on the market.

Real-World Applications for OWC Voyager Bundle:

Nine OWC Voyager Hard Drive Docking Bundles available priced starting at $109.99:

Voyager S2 "Dual Interface" (USB 2.0 & eSATA) Bundle Models:

Voyager Q "Quad Interface" (FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0 & eSATA) Bundle Models:

For more information on the OWC Voyager Hard Drive Docking Bundles, visit http://Eshop.macsales.com/shop/NewerTech/Voyager/Hard_Drive_Dock.