Zacuto Makes Shooting on a 2/3" Camera With DOF Adapter Affordable to Indie Filmmakers
Posted Feb 12, 2009

With the introduction of the Letus35 2/3" B4 Compact Relay lens, Zacuto is now the premier dealer giving independent filmmakers all of the components for an affordable depth of field (DOF) shooting system on a 2/3" camera. 2/3" cameras have been primarily relegated to news, broadcast, sports and corporate work, but have been too expensive for the indie film spectrum. Now available are Zacuto's 2/3 DOF Kits which give you all of the components needed to shoot on a 2/3" camera at less than the cost of one HD ENG lens.

2/3" B4 Mount DOF Kit Components:
1. Letus35 2/3" B4 relay lens
2. Letus35 DOF adapter (Extreme, Elite & Ultimate)
3. Zacuto 2/3" camera kits (Docu, Cine or Indie)
4. Zeiss ZF optics

The new Zacuto 2/3" B4 Mount DOF Kits: Cine, Docu, and the Indie are universal and quick-releasable. The kits are essential because of the weight and size of the Letus35 B4 relay lens, Letus35 adapter and lenses. It also serves as a platform for mounting your follow focus, matte box and lens support. When you purchase a Zacuto 2/3" B4 Camera Kit, get 5% off the Letus35 B4 Lens. See our new video "Introducing 2/3" B4 Cinematography" and check out how it all works together:

"For about 25 years or so shooting corporate industrials, I have been begging for a device like this...mainly because a lot of the situations I have been in, put in rooms that were small with ugly backgrounds. If I would have had this, it would have been perfect to throw the backgrounds all out of focus and get them film feel. Finally I have some tools to shoot like a filmmaker!" Jens Bogehegn, DP and Zacuto Co-owner

"I talked to Hien, Letus35 owner, over a year ago about the idea of creating a cost effective way to attach his popular Letus35 DOF adapters to 2/3" camera. Up until now you really only had one option for shallow Depth of Field and that was the P+S Techniks which is really out of most people's price range. I prefer working with an ENG camera because of better audio control, monitor outputs, durability, balance, expanded menu options, better control of the color plus a whole lot more. What's amazing now is that you can get all of the components you need including 4 Zeiss ZF prime lenses for $9-$11,000 complete. That's less than the cost of one HD lens and really affordable." Steve Weiss, Director and Zacuto Co-owner

See Steve Weiss, Jens Bogehegn and Scott Lynch discuss the overall benefits of using their new Zacuto 2/3" DOF kits and how broadcast cameras are now an affordable options to indie filmmakers in their new HD video "Introducing 2/3" B4 Cinematography

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