MF Digital Releases New 5600 videoLive Event Recorder / Copier
Posted Jan 26, 2009

MF Digital 5600 Video LiveMF Digital is now offering the 5600 videoLive, the new professional video recorder and copier with state-of-the-art features for live video event capture & duplication. The 5600 Series videoLIVE provides the ideal method for capturing and duplicating video. Highly streamlined workflow allows you to quickly and easily capture video and produce DVDs in quantity, all within minutes of the end of your live event.

Features and Benefits include the following:

The 5600 Live offers the ability to expand your duplicators. The Live Event Recorder system becomes a fully automated production system. Start with 4 or 6 drive master system and easily expand with 6 drive slave units. Growing your production anywhere from 4 to 60 drives is as simple as adding a 5600 copy module slave. The 5600 video Live Series is an end-to-end automated DVD authoring solution that offers real-time video/audio capture, recording and multidrive duplication of DVDs during live events.