Panasonic Announces New Spanish Partner for AVCCAM Product Range
Posted Dec 1, 2008

Panasonic PBITS Professional & Broadcast IT Systems Spain has announced a new partnership with Spanish audio/visual specialists Grupo Microfusa for the distribution of Panasonic's AVCCAM line of tapeless AVCHD cameras and supporting products. Grupo Microfusa will sell and support the AVCCAM product range, bringing for the first time the advantages of solid-state storage and IT-based workflows to a broad new base of Spanish users seeking professional features in a cost-sensitive package.

"The AVCCAM range is an exciting expansion of Panasonic's solid-state storage based technology into prosumer-level cameras," says Vicente Barredo Rey, Sales Manager of Grupo Microfusa. "Panasonic leads the way in solid-state with its professional range, and with AVCCAM, Spanish filmmakers and videographers will experience all the benefits of file-based workflow, convenience, and robust and reliable operation with these exceptional cameras."

The AVCHD range of camcorders and supporting products offers the many workflow and operation benefits pioneered in Panasonic's market-leading P2 range of high-end professional products, and use Panasonic's codec based on H264 for exceptionally compact file sizes with outstanding image quality, far exceeding comparable MPEG-based formats.

"We are very pleased to be entering this partnership for the Spanish market with an organisation of Grupo Microfusa's calibre,”" says Oriol Massagué, Panasonic Spain Marketing Manager. "The AVCCAM product line offers an outstanding combination of features and great value and brings the benefits of solid-state recording to budget-conscious professionals."

Recording onto an SD/SDHC card offers a fast and simple IT-compatible workflow and ensures ultra-reliable performance without moving parts in the recording process.

The cameras are resistant to shock, vibration, temperature change, and extreme weather conditions, and they offer instant access to the recorded footage without the need to ingest or digitize, for rapid editing and post production, and uncompromised quality.

In addition, SD and SDHC memory cards are inexpensive, widely available, and can be reused repeatedly. Because AVCHD records video as digital data files, content can be transferred and stored on affordable, high-capacity hard disk drives (HDD) and optical storage media, and then transferred to new ones as advanced technology is introduced in the future.

Grupo Microfusa has joined the pan-European Panasonic AVCHD dealer network, which was established earlier in 2008 for the European launch of the AG-HMC151E camcorder.

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