Sonic Farms Creates Music for Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Royalty Free Music Library
Posted Nov 24, 2008

Sonic Farms creates customizable music & sound FX scores for Adobe® Soundbooth® CS4 audio editing & multitrack application, released October 2008. Adobe® Soundbooth® CS4 is also available bundled within multiple Adobe Creative Suite® 4 editions.  
Using Soundbooth’s streamlined interface, these unique royalty free scores give web designers, video & Flash editors, and other creative professionals the tools to easily create customized music soundtracks and sound FX environments for their projects.
Creating the scores for Adobe® Soundbooth® was both a musically and technically challenging project. The scores, covering diverse musical styles, were created in a unique multi-intensity and melody format consisting of modular "blocks" of music.  Each score consists of up to 10 intensity levels, two melody tracks and multiple "loopable" sections, which can be arranged by the end user to create a customized score for their project.  New for CS4 are also several multi-intensity sound FX environments, which are also completely customizable by the user. Scores are available for download from or through the Resource Central panel inside Soundbooth.
Sonic Farms was started in 2002 by composer Carolyn Fazio creating original music for video games, film, TV and multi-media.  In 2006, Steve Fazio brought his many years of audio experience to the company.
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