TMPGEnc MovieStyle Video Converting Software Adds Support for iPhone 3G and Others
Posted Nov 21, 2008

PEGASYS, Inc. (, the company that makes digital video easy, has added more video format compatibility with popular digital devices such as the latest iPod Nano® (4th generation), iPhone® 3G and Sony Walkman® to its TMPGEnc MovieStyle software. The new update allows users to easily convert video clips from one format to another for use on popular portable digital devices to full HD devices such as the Playstation 3. The update is free to download for current registered users. A free trial download and the updated full version for $39.95 per license are also now available at
Now users can drag and drop video to play in many popular digital devices, such as the latest iPod Nano®, the popular iPhone® 3G, Sony’s video Walkman®, Nintendo® Wii™, Playstation® 3 and much more. MovieStyle allows users of any age to quickly and easily convert video clips for these devices without any prior video encoding knowledge.
TMPGEnc MovieStyle converts video clips to portable and high definition formats compatible with popular digital devices, including: iPod®/iPhone®/iPod Nano®, Apple® TV, Sony® mylo™ COM-2, PSP™, Playstation® 3, Sony Walkman®, Zune™, Xbox 360™, Nintendo DS™ with PLAY-YAN, Nintendo® Wii™, PDA's with Windows Media Player, and DivX®.
Accepted input formats include AVI, MPEG, MPEG4, Windows Media Video (wmv), QuickTime, H.264, DivX®, DVD-Video/DVD-VR, Media Center PC (DVR-MS), and MOD (a file format used by JVC Everio HDD camcorders). HDV camcorder files are also supported.
Just drag 'n drop! MovieStyle's intuitive interface makes converting video clips fast and easy. Select the device, then drag and drop video clips to start converting. The included converting templates eliminate guesswork and saves time. Also included is the TMPGEnc TransManager™, which organizes and transfers clips to the selected device.
The Quick Encode feature allows users to convert video clips without opening the MovieStyle software program. Just right-click on the video clip, then choose a digital device from the drop-down menu to begin converting. The Drop Folder feature allows users to specify a folder for MovieStyle to monitor. Save a video clip to the Drop Folder, then the software will automatically convert it for the user-specified digital device.
Other features allow users more control over the converting process. The Cinema Mode option converts video to 24 frames per second (fps). For PSP users, the PSP Overdrive option uses the PSP LCD driver to improve video display quality. Users can also enable Karaoke Mode, which cancels vocals from the audio track, and use the Pitch Changer settings to alter the audio pitch. The Audio Only option (not available for all devices) can also convert video into an audio file.
The Time Stretch feature converts video to play at up to 1.5 times normal speed with fully understandable audio, users can watch a one-hour video in about 40 minutes. Time Stretch can also convert video to play up to 50% slower, making a one-hour video into an approximately two-hour video.