MAGIX Presents Professional Video Editing Software Video Pro X
Posted Nov 13, 2008

On November 17th MAGIX, the market leader in video editing, releases Video Pro X, a software for professional video editing and post production. MAGIX Video Pro X will be available for the special introduction price of $199,99 till the end of the year exclusively as a download version on (from January 2009, the application will then be sold regularly for $249,99) The software is characterized by a great depth of function, flexible work flow and interface design, all coupled with the ease of use and format variety typical of all MAGIX products. Thus, MAGIX Video Pro X imports video material from XDCAM camcorders and can natively edit AVCHD material. The user interface with source and program monitors as well as a project clipboard make efficient workflow and uniform effect control using keyframes or bézier curves even easier. MAGIX brings its competence in audio editing into the program for dubbing tasks, enabling sample-precise audio editing directly in the timeline.

Up to four simultaneous recordings of events like weddings, concerts or theater plays can be synchronized in MultiCam mode. A genuine innovation lets you automatically place video objects at the correct position on the timeline with the help of a detailed audio analysis. Video recordings can be burned to DVDs or Blu-ray discs in top image and sound quality with up to eight audio tracks.

Flexible interface, flexible integration of source material, flexible export
The user interface contains a source and program monitor, which makes direct comparison between the original and edited video possible – a feature especially attuned to professional needs. The project clipboard creates a helpful overview of the all files and effects in use in the project. All parts of the user interface can be made bigger, smaller, moved around or hidden altogether. These custom settings can be saved for later use. All shortcuts are freely definable, especially useful for those switching from other programs. The time line can also be adjusted to the user's preferences. The program's universality is apparent not only in the fact that all kinds of files can be dragged onto any of the 99 tracks, be it video, sound, text or still image. The variety within these families is also large: Thanks to alpha channel support, files from compositing programs can be imported directly. The same goes for AVCHD files and the complete armada of formats like QuickTime, Windows Media, AVI, MPEG 1,2,4, JPEG,TIFF, PSD and TGA. Additional applications can be embedded using interfaces to Virtual Dub, DirectX and VST, as well as proDAD effects. External hardware such as, for example, MIDI devices, can be integrated as masters or slaves. Flexibility is also the theme of the export functions. In addition to the mentioned authoring and burning options, high-quality export in MPEG 4/H.264/3GP with AMR and AAC audio formats is also possible. Batch processing is especially useful in this regard: One video file can be turned into several different video formats or different videos with the same format.

Exact control for professional results
In professional video editing, precision has a higher priority than in home videos. Thanks to the flexible interface, all relevant preview and editing windows can be made just the right size. Colors can also be altered with a high degree of exactness. The 3-way color correction functions analogously to other effects controls and can be easily changed on the time line using keyframes or bézier curves. Titles can also be edited directly as a track in the timeline, and additional parameters exist in addition to the classic options. Three-dimensional text animations can be created with the help of 3D Maker. Even pros sometimes get shaky shots. An efficient algorithm for image stabilization steadies it with counter movement. Precision is also key for audio. MAGIX delivers a Live Audio mixer, with an included complete effect rack for individual tracks and a mastering rack for the overall sound – naturally, everything is also available in Dolby Digital 5.1.

Overview of the most important new features:

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