Video Business Advisor hosting “Cash Flow Secrets”
Posted Nov 11, 2008

Noted author Philip Campbell will answer questions and talk about the lessons of his popular book, Never Run Out of Cash in a special Webinar hosted by Steve Yankee and the Video Business Advisor on Thursday, November 20 at 8 pm EST. According to Campbell, despite the fact that cash is the fuel that keeps a business’ engine running, most business owners don’t have a handle on the flow of cash into nor out of their business. And, in this day and age – that’s a formula for failure.

Campbell states, “The single biggest reason the small business failure rates are so incredibly high today is this one simple fact: Most business owners don’t really know what’s going on with their most precious asset – their CASH.” A CPA, Campbell has served as a controller and as a chief financial officer in a number of companies with revenues ranging from $5 million up to $600 million. He’s also been involved in the acquisition or sale of 33 companies. He continues to work as an author and consultant on cash flow problem-solving and management.

As a guest on the Video Business Advisor Webinar, Campbell will tell listeners what their financial statement doesn’t. Additionally, he’ll offer time-tested, common sense techniques for cash flow management in non-CPA terminology. “Don’t let his credentials scare you away,” says Yankee, “Philip is one of those guys who makes sense, and who tells you what you need to know in terms you can easily understand.”

The Webinar, which will be available both via telephone and as a web broadcast, is priced at an unusually low cost--$12.95--due to Yankee’s belief that the topic is essential to his audience. “Nowadays, it’s important that business owners tighten their belts and preserve cash in order to get through these difficult times.” Yankee continues, “Philip tells them how to take control of their cash flow, without scaring them, and offers peace of mind at the end.”

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