Aquafadas Announces VideoPier 1.0 and VideoPier HD
Posted Oct 10, 2008

Aquafadas is pleased to announce the immediate availability of VideoPier and VideoPier HD v1.0. The VideoPier family of products is aimed at videographers who own MPEG-2 or AVCHD camcorders and who struggle with these video formats on their Mac. VideoPier and VideoPier HD make it very easy to transfer clips from these camcorders to a central location on their Mac, without requiring any conversion, without any loss in quality. The clips appear grouped by Events in the VideoPier elegant user interface, ready to be viewed, organized and converted to any format.

VideoPier handles equally well data that has already been copied to disk and will let you access all your clips easily. In addition, VideoPier HD lets you capture HDV material directly from tape based HDV camcorders.

VideoPier and VideoPier HD v1.0 integrates seamlessly with your other video applications and let you use workflows that are not supported by default on the Mac. One example: still using iMovie06 ? Use VideoPier to acquire data from your MPEG2 or AVCHD camcorder; then use the specifically designed iMovie06 export function to send versions of those clips to iMovie06 in a format it understands.

VideoPier comes with an extensive set of export functionality, to iMovie 06/08, iPhone, Quicktime and Final Cut (VideoPier HD only).

If you work with MPEG2 and AVCHD material, VideoPier will make your life a lot easier.

Language support
English, French

Minimum System Requirements

Pricing and Availability
A single user license for VideoPier v1.0 US$49, and VideoPier HD US$79.