Panasonic Announces Availability of New HDV/DV/DVCAM and Pro DV Tape Series
Posted Sep 22, 2008

Panasonic Broadcast announced two new advancements in its line of professional digital media – the new AMQ-Series Advanced Master Quality tape for professional master-quality HDV, DV and DVCAM recording and the new PQUS-Series Professional Quality Pro DV tape for professional miniDV recording.

Developed for the U.S. market only, and exclusively available from Panasonic Broadcast, the AMQ tape series provides unprecedented performance for DVCAM (15 µm track width), HDV and DV SP (10µm track width), and DV LP (6.67µm track width) recording. AMQ tapes feature Panasonic’s next generation Super Advanced Metal Evaporation (S-AME) technology with four times the magnetic density of the previous tape generation, providing +1.2dB higher output than the competition. Advancements in Panasonic’s proprietary Dry-Type lubricant and robust Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) film development dramatically boost the tape’s durability for high speed shuttling, still-frame, and professional editing. A surface treatment process extends VTR head life and reduces head clogging and dropouts.

Designed to provide reliable and high-quality professional miniDV recording, the new U.S.-market-only PQUS tape series utilizes an Advanced Metal Evaporation (AME) technology that provides a high signal output, consistent durability and optimal tape-to-head contact.

The AMQ-Series includes two mini advanced master tapes - AY-HDVM33AMQ (22/33/49 minutes) and AY-HDVM63AMQ (42/63/94 minutes) – and four standard advanced master tapes - AY-HDV96AMQ (64/96/144 minutes), AY-HDV124AMQ (82/124/186 minutes), AY-HDV186AMQ (124/186/279 minutes) and the AY-HDV276AMQ (184/276/414 minutes). The new PQUS mini DV tape series includes the 33-minute AY-DVM33PQUS, the 63-minute AY-DVM63PQUS and the 83-minute AY-DVM83PQUS miniDV cassettes.

Both AMQ and PQUS tapes are designed with a rugged ABS resin shell construction, which prevents warpage and cassette housing damage and provides impact-resistant durability. The anti-static cassette lid repels dust and contaminants that can cause dropouts.

AMQ cassettes are packaged in a rugged, side-locking hard case to increase tape protection and prevent against accidental opening. The case’s non-slip, ribbed finish and special grooves allow for safe stacking and carrying within the production facility.

Each PQUS cassette comes with a durable, 2-way opening case made from a soft resin that will not break if dropped. The 2-way lid construction enables users to easily extract the tape with one hand, even while recording.

The AMQ tapes are available at the following suggested list prices: AY-HDVM33AMQ (mini), $14.95; AY-HDVM63AMQ (mini), $17.95; AY-HDV96AMQ (standard), $25.95; AY-HDV124AMQ (standard), $32.95; AY-HDV186AMQ (standard), $38.95; AY-HDV276AMQ (standard), $46.95. The PQUS miniDV tapes are available at the following suggested list prices: AY-DVM33PQUS, $9.95; AY-DVM63PQUS, $11.95; AY-DVM83PQUS, $17.95.