Zacuto Announces Four New Follow Focuses
Posted Sep 17, 2008

Zacuto announces the release of 4 new Follow Focuses in addition to the already popular Zacuto Z-Focus including: the Lightweight "Flippable" Z-Focus, the Lightweight Double-Sided Z-Focus, the Studio "Flippable" Z-Focus, and the Studio Double-Sided Z-Focus. Great thought and technical detail were put into the creation of these 4 new Zacuto Follow Focuses available in 15mm lightweight and 15/19mm studio rod sizing. Zacuto’s Z-Focuses are all gear driven instead of the more common belt driven system to minimize the slack and play giving the operator excellent accuracy. The wide white witness disk allows the focus puller to create distance marks for repeatable focus pulls. It can be flipped in order to utilize both sides or additional disks can be purchased.

"It’s a lovely unit, very smooth… and it uses a lovely gear system. With the Zacuto Z-Focus you undo the lock at the bottom, slide the follow focus back and forth until you make contact and lock her in to the gear. It is a GREAT system and is flawless." – Philip Bloom, DoP Director Editor

Keeping the same ergonomics and adjustable locking witness mark ring, the Z-Focus has a new "flippable" design in Lightweight or Studio, allowing you to quickly remove the follow focus and flip it from the operator to the assistant side in seconds, making your shoot run smoothly and saving you time. The Lightweight or Studio "Flippable" Z-Focus have the upper hand on other "clamp style" follow focus bases which are obstructed by equipment making them impossible to remove quickly on set. With the Lightweight or Studio "Flippable" Z-Focus a simple flip off and on of the follow focus and you’re ready to shoot! If double access by both operator and assistant are necessary, or there is no time for a flip, Zacuto offers the Lightweight and Studio Double-Sided Z-Focuses. Zacuto’s double sided design is much more accurate in that it is two follow focus units and does not use a transmission which inevitably develops play over time.


The Zacuto Z-Focus (Follow Focus) includes: The Z-focus comes standard with .8 pitch gear, if another pitch is needed that can be specified when ordering.