JVC Unveils MR-HD100 Camera Mounted Portable Hard Disk Drive Media Recorder with Wi-Fi and Metadata Capabilities
Posted Sep 12, 2008

JVC announces the introduction of the MR-HD100U hard disk drive (HDD) that is Wi-Fi accessible to enable users to wirelessly log customized Metadata in real time while shooting in the field. The MR-HD100 is the latest addition to JVC’s ProHD line of products that provide the fastest and most efficient shoot-to-air HD workflow in the industry with its native file recording capability.

Through the use of any compatible wireless device, broadcast and video professionals can access the MR-HD100 to define metadata and assign it to video while recording. This capability saves hours spent reviewing, logging and tagging footage in post-production, further demonstrating JVC’s seamless shoot-to-air workflow.

"Metadata input in the field has been long sought after in the professional production community. The MR-HD100 is a revolutionary device that brings this time-saving capability to the marketplace at an exceptionally low cost," said Craig Yanagi, National Marketing Manager, Creation Products, JVC Professional Products Company. "Combined with JVC’s Native File Recording technology, the industry’s fastest and most efficient workflow has now become the most intuitive."

The MR-HD100 features an easy to use menu system and enables users to record in a wide range of HDV and DV formats. The MR-HD100 records natively as both .m2t file format and QuickTime .mov files in 720p24/25/30/50/60 and 1080i 50/60 frame rates, as well as .mxf 720p30 and 1080i 50/60 for Avid non-linear editing systems. By recording files in an editing-friendly native format, post-production can begin without file conversion, transcoding or rewrapping. With quick and seamless direct file access, the MR-HD100 is extremely beneficial for video production in time sensitive situations.

The lightweight, portable MR-HD100 can be easily mounted to JVC’s award-winning ProHD Series of professional camcorders to provide extended recording times of up to 10 hours. Additional features include support for UDF to enable recording up to 1.5 hours in a single DV/HDV file, a 1.8-inch internal disk drive that is extremely rugged and shock resistant, and a fan-less design for extremely quiet operation.

The suggested list price of the MR-HD100 is $2,495 and is scheduled to ship this month. For more information about JVC’s MR-HD100, visit JVC’s Web site at www.jvc.com/pro.