Zacuto Announces Exclusive Dealer Of Letus35 Elite
Posted Aug 27, 2008

Zacuto USA, in cooperation with the Letus Corporation, announce the creation of the Letus35 Elite and Zacuto as the exclusive dealer of this new depth of field (DOF) adapter. In production for an early September release and available exclusively on Zacuto’s webstore, or by calling 888-294-3456, the Letus35 Elite combines elements from the previously released Letus35 Extreme and Letus35 Ultimate to create a best-of-both-worlds intermediate DOF adaptor.

The Letus35 Elite offers the following features:

The added back focus adjustment allows you to quickly and accurately adjust the distance between the rear element of the prime lens and the ground glass (film plane). This results in accurate focus marks on the lens and sharp focus with the lens set to infinity. This is a great improvement over the Letus35 Extreme design and will allow users to fix back focus issues in the field quickly and accurately. This also makes using a tape measure for focus and calibrating lens markings more accurate.

Owners of the Letus35 Extreme who would like to add the back focus ring to their existing adaptor can purchase the back focus ring and install it themselves, or if preferred, they can pay roundtrip shipping of their adapter to Zacuto and have it installed. This is a special free installation service Zacuto is offering to its customers only.

"I've been asking for this DOF adapter for a long time. The back focus makes this awesome." exclaims Steve Weiss, Zacuto Product Designer. "Combined with one of four Zacuto DOF baseplate kits, you’ll have the best camera package available today."

"Finally a low cost 35 adaptor that can be used professionally with a wide range of lens types thanks to the back focus adjustment feature found on the Letus35 Elite." says Jens Bogehegn, Zacuto Product Designer.

Don’t miss out on this great new DOF adapter available only at Zacuto; pre-order yours today at and paying just shipping. The price of the Letus35 Elite will be charged in full at the time of shipping.