TapeOnline Offers Rip-Ties to Manage Messy Cables
Posted Aug 4, 2008

TapeOnline, an authorized dealer of blank recording media and accessories including blank DVDs, Mini DV tape, gaffers tape, jewel cases, and much more now offers Rip-Tie cable ties. The new Rip-Tie cable ties can be found here.

Rip-Tie cable ties, made with Velcro, are a reusable cable management product that helps organize and bundle messy cables and cords. Unlike wire twist ties and string, Rip-Ties are long-lasting, quick and easy-to-use.

"No one likes messy, knotted up cables," said Lauren Vantrease, Sales Assistant at TapeOnline. "Our new Rip-Tie products make it easy to clean up your workspace, home office, production room, or computer area. They can be color coded, are reusable, and cost effective."

Mike Merryman, Videographer at LifeView Resources agrees. "We often shoot in operating rooms, a place where neatness and speed are important elements. Rip-Ties allow us to quickly deploy cables and then secure them out of harm's way."

TapeOnline offers a variety of Rip-Tie cable tie products including, among others, Rip-Tie Lite, EconoCinch, and WrapStrap. Products are available in a wide range of colors, lengths, durability, and price.

Rip-Tie Lite, TapeOnline’s most economical cable tie, is made of Velcro and attaches with a die-cut slot and loop. Rip-Tie Lites can be purchased in a variety of colors including black, blue, yellow, and green. They range in length and cost as little as $.80 a tie. Rip-Tie Lites are ideal for organizing computer and network cables, phone charger cords, or audio and video cables.

TapeOnline’s most durable tie, the EconoCinch product, is priced at $1.99/tie and offers a 4 3/4" bundling diameter, prefect for bundling large cables or hoses.

TapeOnline also offers customization for the Rip-Tie cable tie products. For a minimum quantity of 250, TapeOnline can print a company logo on any Rip-Tie. To customize any Rip-Tie item, simply email TapeOnline at info@tapeonline.com.