Thomson Grass Valley Indigo AV Mixer Adds More HD Inputs
Posted Jun 20, 2008

Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS) has announced a brand new option for its Thomson Grass Valley™ Indigo™ AV Mixer that offers the ability for users to input up to eight HD-SDI sources. With the new expansion option, users can connect up to eight HD devices (cameras, media players, etc.) into the switcher, which can then be easily mixed in real time. The Indigo HD-SDI option also allows two outputs to be used as auxiliary outputs. And, like the SD auxes on the switcher panel, the HD outputs are completely separate, single feed auxiliary outputs. This provides more creative freedom to develop unique effects and present images in innovative ways.

"We developed the Indigo switcher to give the professional AV community unprecedented functionality and uncompromised quality at an affordable price," said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Thomson’s Broadcast & Professional Solutions within the Systems division. "We are listening to requests from our user base and continuing to add the facilities they need. This new option is typical of that process: people told us that HD is now common and they needed to bring in more sources."

As multimedia presentations and live staging events get more complex, Thomson is answering the call for integrated systems that can handle more sources, including full motion, high-definition(HD-SDI) video. AV professionals want to manage their productions cost-effectively and with the greatest amount of ease. For under $20,000 the Thomson Grass Valley Indigo AV Mixer does this and more by combining the ability to manage video, high-resolution computer images and audio control in a single, compact unit.

Used with increasing regularity for a variety of AV productions, the Indigo AV Mixer accepts analog and digital SD and HD video and audio inputs, plus high-resolution computer inputs. Indigo also features internal seamless technology, allowing a variety of input resolutions to be scaled and mixed. Outputs are also available in multiple formats simultaneously, including DVI and SD-SDI for direct control of displays, projectors and for digital recording.

The functionality of the Indigo AV Mixer matches that of a broadcast production switcher, with E-MEM™ effects memory, digital video effects (DVE), keyers allowing a number of picture-in-picture elements to be layered, color correction on every input, and mixes, dissolves and wipes between any source-including high-quality computer graphics created with programs like PowerPoint™ whatever the input resolution. Complementing the video switcher component is an audio mixer with motorized faders, capable of mixing multiple audio sources, with audio-follow-video (automated audio fading to match picture selection) and automatic audio delay to compensate for video processing.