Table of Contents: July 2008 EventDV
Posted Jul 1, 2008

Interview: Brian MacKenzie, Unicycling Glidecam Videographer by Joe McManus
The Best Of... For the Rest of Us: NAB 2008 and the Event Videographer
by Marc Franklin

Cut Lines: Using Apple Keynote as a Motion Graphics Tool
by Ben Balser
Graphic Thoughts: It's All About the IN! by Lance Gray


Steadicam Merlin by Michael Y. Wong
Petrol PCPR-1 Camera Bag by Mark Von Lanken

Epson PP-100 Discproducer by Chris Randall

The Nonlinear Editor: Object Lessons by Stephen Nathans-Kelly
The Gadget Bag: Dealing with the Downturn by Ed Wardyga
Strictly Business: Sweetening the Pot by Steve Yankee
The Reel Deal: What Women Want by Kris Malandruccolo
HD Today: The Next HD Hurdle: Live Video Mixers by Anthony Burokas
Amen Corner: Moving Beyond Sound by Tim Siglin
The Moving Picture: Who Loves Vegas, Stays With Vegas by Jan Ozer

Gear & Now: LED Lights--The Shape of Things to Come by Lee Rickwood
Continuing Education: Reaching the Next Level--Marketing & Artistry and Sound Design (Vantage Point Productions) by Kris Malandruccolo
Continuing Education: The Art of Moving Camera Techniques, Volume Two (Von Wedding Films) by Stephen Nathans-Kelly
fast & Fabulous Volume 1 (PixelPops Design) by Stephen Nathans-Kelly

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