Petrol PCPR-1 Camera Bag
Posted Jul 1, 2008

What’s in your camera bag? Carrying your camera and gear to an event can be an experience to say the least. I’ve tried my best to narrow down the amount of gear we haul to a wedding each weekend— be it local or traveling across the country—but I’ve found I can only cut back so far.

When I shot with a shouldermount camera, I had a large camera bag that held most of what I needed for a shoot. As I transitioned to a handheld camera, I wondered where I would find a camera bag that would hold most of my accessories. My research found the Petrol PCPR-1 as the perfect solution for me. At a street price of $149.95, it’s a real bargain.

The bag is made of heavy-duty Cordura and ballistic nylon. It has dividers and pockets that allow me not only to carry almost everything I need for a shoot, but more importantly, to organize my equipment in such a fashion that I can find what I need quickly and easily.

The PCPR-1 has two main compartments that are easily accessible through the large, dual-padded wing flaps at each end of the bag. One end holds my camera and the other end is divided into four smaller compartments. The bag has two side pockets and each end flap has a mesh material inside the flap that is ideal for flat or smaller items.

In addition to my Z1, the PCPR-1 also holds my DvTec MultiRig, Biddlestick, Raynox FXR-180 fisheye lens, NRG Varalux on-camera light, two Sennheiser G2 wireless systems, XLR microphone with wireless transmitter, MiniDisc recorder, headphones, multiple tapes and batteries, Bogen Magic Shoe for mounting to the VF Gadgets mini-HDV bracket, L Bracket, Hoodman H400, battery tester, white balance card, lens cleaning tissue, Gaffers tape, multipurpose Leatherman-style knife, small screw driver, pen, and business cards.

The PCPR-1 is great for shooting around town or around the world. It fits easily into the overhead bin of full-size airplanes and it is very comfortable on my shoulder or in hand during those long walks in the airport.

Mark Von Lanken (info at runs Tulsa, Okla.-based wedding video studio Von Wedding Films with his wife, Trisha. Three-time EventDV 25 honorees and WEVA Hall of Famers, they are regular speakers at WEVA Expo and the 4EVER Group conventions, and winners of numerous WEVA CEAs and 4EVER Group AAAs. Several times each year, the Von Lankens offer intensive two-day workshops at their Tulsa studio.