Opus 1 Music To Represent Legendary British Production Music Catalogue, Bosworth Production Music
Posted Jun 6, 2008

Opus 1 Music Library is proud to announce its representation of the legendary UK based catalog, Bosworth Production Music. The Bosworth Production Music catalogue features over one hundred unique CDs full of great music, including archival works that are unavailable anywhere else. Opus 1's Mitch Rabin said, "The representation of this prestigious catalogue continues our desire at Opus 1 to offer the finest and most comprehensive collection of music to our clients and associates."

Founded in 1889 in Leipzig and subsequently organized in London, Bosworth has long been associated with, and has established a worldwide reputation for pedagogical music publications, Viennese operetta, the immortal works of Albert KetElbey, Franz LEhar, Carl Zeller and Otakar Sevclk. More recently, Bosworth has continued publishing in Britain the best of educational material with books by Joan Last, Dorothy Bradley, Barbara Kirkby-Mason, KatU Havas and David Turnbull. Additionally Bosworth publishes a first class, contemporary series of Production Music CDs (BOBA).

The Bosworth catalogue becomes part of the Opus 1 Music family which includes the Opus 1 Music Library and Opus 1 Artist Series. The Opus 1 Artist Series represents music from a multitude of cutting edge artists from all over the World (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Sweden) with equally international following. This extensive collection includes music covering many musical genres including Pop, Modern Rock/Alternative, Electronica, Adult Alternative, Urban/Hip Hop and Rock Metal. Opus 1 Music Library is the fastest growing production music library in the world representing over 2000 CDs. That's over 100,000 cues spanning music of all styles and genres, from orchestral scores to urban grooves, Country twang to Classical grandeur, Jazz and Blues roots to Alternative Edge and ultra Hard Rock.