Hoodman Introduces WristShot Camera Support System
Posted Apr 22, 2008

You are five minutes into a twenty-minute interview holding your camcorder and your wrist begins to weaken...The WritShot® camcorder support system from Hoodman eliminates wrist fatigue by transferring camcorder weight to your forearm. Wristshot® increases stability and frees your hand to operate your camcorder. Ten pounds of camcorder capacity enables WristShot ® to easily mount all camcorders.

Five axis adjustment options allow Wristshot to fit all body types and shooting styles. Going from hand held to tripod is quick and easy because WristShot® comes with a quick release mounting system and a universal tripod adapter mount.

Priced at just $199.99, WristShot® is the easiest way to improve your hand held camcorder Videography. You can check out WristShot® at www.hoodmanusa.com.