Table of Contents: May 2008 EventDV
Posted Apr 13, 2008

Adventures in HD Delivery: From NLE to Blu-ray by Philip Hinkle


Color Isolation in Adobe After Effects by Luisa Winters
Graphic Thoughts: Shaping Text in Photoshop by Lance Gray


Using Apple TV as a Sales Tool by Joe McManus


LED Lights Shootout: Sony HVL-LBP vs. Zylight Z90 by Joe McManus


The Nonlinear Editor: Who Would be King? by Stephen Nathans-Kelly
The Reel Deal: Win, Place, or Show? by Kris Malandruccolo
Stage to Screen: Mastering the Stage Event Market, Part 5 by Shawn Lam
The Gadget Bag: Being Green by Ed Wardyga
Strictly Business: Positioning Your Video Production Business by Steve Yankee
Cradle to Grave: Funeral Video—Alive and Well by Alan Naumann
HD Today: Flash Media and the Demise of the Deck by Anthony Burokas
The Moving Picture: Ingesting HD Acquisition by Jan Ozer


Gear & Now: New Platforms for Video Shooting by Lee Rickwood
Studio Time: Studio 26 Productions by Elizabeth Welsh
Continuing Education: Class On Demand Complete Training for Edius 4.5 by Philip Hinkle
Continuing Education: VIDEO EXPERTS' Five Shortform Weddings and Ten Wedding Recaps by Kris Malandruccolo

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