Continuing Education: VIDEOEXPERTS' Five Shortform Weddings and 10 Wedding Recaps
Posted May 1, 2008

Steve Fowler, three-time EventDV 25 honoree, has been videotaping weddings since 1986 in East Windsor, Conn., and he and his VIDEOEXPERTS team have won more than 30 local and international awards over the years. Now, for the first time, Steve is offering his international award-winning wedding videos for sale in two DVD sets. As you watch Steve’s DVDs, you will want to sit down with a pad and paper and take notes as you watch these thrilling short-form wedding videos. These unique videos are storytelling at its best. I picked up some great filming and editing tips, and I know you will too!

Five Shortform Weddings is a two-disc set that includes five short-form weddings in their entirety (30 to 40 minutes each). Total running time for the two discs is 2:17. The first disc has a Shoot-Ta-Thrill bonus shoot (same title as his Video 08 session on creative shooting techniques) followed by the WEVA CEA Gold 2003 shortform wedding of Ashley & Ed (I was a Creative Excellence Judge in 2003 and remember that we named this entry "apple"). The next shortform wedding is the CEA Silver 2004 wedding of Kristie & Ed.The second disc has the CEA Bronze 2005 shortform wedding of Kate & Leon, followed by the 4EVER Group AAA Diamond 2005 of Margaret & Peter, and finally the CEA Gold 2007 shortform wedding of Kathleen & Roger.The time-compressed weddings are crisply edited to the beat of the music, which is important to the overall feel of the video. The sequences are blended together seamlessly with speeches, sound bites, sound effects, photos, and video. In the later videos, Steve enhanced the audio by adding the sound of chirping birds, running water, etc.

There is no director’s commentary on the DVD—only the wedding videos. But the work speaks for itself. And for anyone who has wondered what it takes to win a Creative Excellence Award or an Artistic Achievment Award, Steve gives you five great answers!

Ten Wedding Recaps is a one-disc set (clocking in at 35:33) containing, appropriately enough, 10 of Steve’s wedding recaps, in which an entire wedding day is edited to one song of the couple’s choice. There are different wedding recap segments (Jewish, Catholic, rainy day, sunny day, by the water, indoors, outdoors, etc.) with 10 different songs using a variety of musical genres including country, movie-theme songs, ’80s music, and more.By watching these five shortform weddings and 10 recaps, you will not only gain insight and education, but you’ll be entertained as well.

EventDV readers can go to the VIDEOEXPERTS website and enter the promo code "eventdv" (lowercase) and get both videos for $199 (regular price $249). This is a 1-month special (during May 2008) available only to those who enter "eventdv" in the promo-box. You can also click on "freebies" and enter the code "eventdv" for exclusive downloads and to find out what W.I.L.D.C.A.M.E.R.A. means.

Kris Malandruccolo(kris at elegantvideosbykris), an EventDV 25 honoree and 2007 WEVA Hall of Fame inductee, is the owner of Chicago-based Elegant Videos by Kris and Elegant Storybooks by Kris. She is a certified Master Wedding Vendor through the Association of Bridal Consultants, WEVA Public Relations Chair, an international speaker, and past-president of the Illinois Videographers Association.