Microboards Hits the High Notes, All-New Publishing Software and More
Posted Apr 9, 2008

Get a sneak peak at next-generation publishing software. Microboards is a leader and innovator in the industry, and NAB attendees will not be disappointed with their first viewing of Microboards' new publisher software. Featuring the industry's easiest job setup with powerful recording, reporting and recovery features, it incorporates all the features users have been asking for. "This software is the culmination of years of marketplace experience and thousands of hours of research and design" says John Westrum, Microboards CTO. "The software will be included on all of Microboards product lines and is specifically designed to span the entire Microboards product portfolio and wide range of users- from those who are recently beginning to use the technology in our entry-level GX systems, all the way up to our power-users in the flagship MX series."

Some of the unique features include the job setup interface, which combines a tabbed-style wizard for step-by-step disc creation with a final dashboard-style preview screen. Advanced users can choose to jump right to the preview and access job editing tools for label design, recording files, disc quantities, and other copy job settings. "The wizard is there for a novice user - but the power user can bypass the wizard and make all their selections right on the preview screen" says Aaron Pratt, Microboards' Director of Marketing. "The software provides easy access to more advanced features as the user's demand for more advanced control of the disc publishing process increases."

Every detail of the software was carefully planned, utilizing best practices in software design to ensure that controls were intuitive in their placement and labeling, and ensuring that job parameters were clear through strong feedback, such as in label previews and settings. User shortcuts range from the ability to drag and drop files for recording and printing to automatically starting jobs by dropping entire job files onto the job queue.

In addition to the intuitive interface, the software has been designed with rich advanced features. Whether a user needs to copy and print batches of discs with varying content, erase rewritable discs, store and burn disc images, or just change the priority of a job they are submitting, each feature is easy to find and use. In addition, the software's ability to communicate with hardware and recover from irregular statuses, coupled with clear feedback and logging to aid users in diagnosing and correcting issues is a leap ahead of competitive desktop systems.

"In short, we are significantly enhancing the software experience for all users of Microboards disc publishers", says Pratt. "And we do it without taking away the powerful features that advanced users expect from a Microboards product."

Blu-ray Support
Microboards is also demonstrating disc publishers with the ability to record and print Blu-ray discs. Microboards, an early supporter of the Blu-ray format, announced their first copier product at NAB two years ago. "At NAB last year, our Blu-ray tower copiers were a huge hit, and we've continued to see steady adoption of the format. We anticipate even stronger increases in demand with the recent emergence of BD as the winner in the format contest" says Westrum. At that time, Westrum predicted the need for an automated printer/publisher for Blu-ray, when he indicated that Microboards already had plans in place to "create future versions of our automated products that support Blu-Ray as well". The 4X recording technology enables recording of a full Blu-ray disc in under 23 minutes, half the time of the 2X publishers on the market today.

MX Publishers and PF-Pro Autoprinter
Microboards is also showing their latest line of disc printers and publishers at NAB. The one- and two- drive MX publisher series and the PF-Pro Autoprinter boast incredibly high speed, high resolution printing, and separate C, M, Y, and Black high capacity ink cartridges - and the lowest possible cost-per-disc, coming in at just pennies for a typical print. All three systems feature 100-disc input and output capacity and Microboards' enhanced automation for reliable loading and unloading of discs.

"Microboards' users purchase our products for their reputation for performance," said Westrum. "The MX publishers set a new standard for throughput, in both speed and operating cost." One set of ink cartridges can produce over 1,500 discs. Disc designs utilizing light text-only coverage could have a cost-per-disc as low as 2 cents.

Stop and see all of this and more at NAB Booth SL 7706.