Focus Enhancements adds FS-100 250GB Recorder to Direct To Edit Model Lineup
Posted Apr 7, 2008

Focus Enhancements Inc (NASDAQ: FCSE), a worldwide leader in media management and ultra wideband (UWB) wireless technology, today announced that it has added a 250GB model to its FS-100 line of Portable Direct To Edit® (DTE) recorders for Panasonic P2 users. The new FS-100 250GB model offers over 11 hours of recording in 720p24PN mode, 9 hours in 720p25/30PN mode, or 4.5 hours in full frame rate 720p/1080i DVCPRO HD mode, setting a new standard for long record times for P2 users.

"Ultra-long continuous record times are now even more economically viable, as our FS-100 250GB offers a stellar 4.5 hours of continuous record time at the full DVCPRO HD 100Mbps/ 60frame data rate," said Mark D’Addio, VP of business development for Focus Enhancements. "At a recording cost of a mere $11 per Gigabyte, FS-100 250GB offers incomparable capacity-to-cost advantage to Panasonic DVCPRO HD P2 camera owners on long-format shoots."

The new FS-100 250GB model joins the lower capacity 100GB and 160GB models. All models offer the following:

  • Support for both P2 and QuickTime file formats
  • Support for 720p PN record modes, which more than doubles the DVCPRO HD record times
  • PN variable frame rate (VFR) recording, which delivers stunning slow motion and fast motion effects
  • QuickTime Reference Movie support, which enables long record sequences to appear as a single file

    Pricing and Availability
    The FS-100 250GB model is available now through authorized Panasonic resellers for an MSRP of $2,795 (US). For more information, please visit