Synology Upgrades its Disk Station Manager NAS Software
Posted Mar 21, 2008

Synology America Corporation announced the availability of Disk Station Manager 2.0 NAS management software. Disk Station Manager is the suite of NAS management tools that comes pre-installed with all Synology NAS servers. This important upgrade brings a host of new features to existing Synology NAS server customers to enhance their ownership experience, and make Synology NAS servers a compelling choice for small/medium businesses and tech-savvy consumers. Disk Station Manager 2.0 is being offered as a no-cost upgrade to existing Synology NAS owners and will be pre-installed on new Synology NAS servers beginning in April.

"Providing the Disk Station Manager 2.0 upgrade to our existing NAS server customers free of charge shows Synology's commitment to customer satisfaction" said Cheen Liao, President of Synology America Corp. "We've added significant new features and enhanced existing ones that extend the value and life of Synology NAS servers and in the process created a new NAS experience" Mr. Liao added.

Disk Station Manager 2.0 adds several new functions to the current lineup of Synology NAS servers, enhances several existing features, and lays a performance technology foundation for soon-to-be-announced ultra-high performance NAS servers. The key new and improved features include:

Availability of Disk Station Manager 2.0 Upgrade
Disk Station Manager 2.0 will come pre-installed on new Synology NAS servers beginning in April and is available free to owners of most existing Synology NAS servers.

Please visit for more information and to download the Disk Station Manager2.0 upgrade.