Xlnt Idea, Inc Announces Complete Support for Blu-ray Disc Format in its Publishers
Posted Mar 19, 2008

XLNT Idea Inc., a leading US Based Manufacturer of DVD and CD Printing, and Publishing Systems, announced today support for Blu Ray Disc technology in its Nexis line of Disc Publishing Solutions. Starting at an MSRP of $ 2995.00, the Nexis Publisher is now available with BD write capability combined with DVD and CD formats in the same configuration. XLNT Idea will also offer an upgrade path to Users of current Nexis systems to BD technology. Users requiring BD technology for HD Video or high capacity content storage can now take advantage of XLNT Idea’s features and benefits, including highly reliable robotics, easy to use software, and most importantly lowest cost to print using non proprietary ink jet consumables.

"Since XLNT systems are based on 100% XLNT Idea IP, the implementation of BD technology was seamless for us," commented Dale K, XLNT’s VP of Engineering. "We look forward to supporting the next generation of 120 mm optical disc technology in all of our solutions moving forward."

Chuck Alcon Jr, XLNT’s Director of Sales and Marketing added, "Our customer base includes a wide variety of users that have been waiting for the end of the format wars, including event videographers, independent film makers, and more. Now we can offer them the best Blu Ray Disc Publishing Solution available today. Further, we see new opportunities for 120 mm optical disc that include storage applications for verticals including Health Care, Government, Legal / Financial and more. Most importantly, our value proposition remains the best in the industry for BD technology when you observe Cost of Ownership and XLNT Idea’s economical price points."