Introducing The HD Scope: The First 2/3" Specific HD Snorkel Lens System
Posted Mar 4, 2008

Abel Cine Tech and Wolfgang Roessel of CPT have introduced HD Scope, the industry’s first Borescope/Snorkel Lens System designed specifically for 2/3" B4 mount HD cameras. HD Scope is manufactured in Munich, Germany and designed by the same team who developed the Cinec award-winning T-Rex lens system. Constructed from the finest optics available, the HD Scope offers cinematographers all the benefits of the 35mm T-Rex in a lens optimized for 2/3" CCD imagers.

The HD Scope offers a fast T4 stop with full 360° image rotation and panning for tabletop work, tight spaces, unusual angles and other effects shots. This unique lens is the first Borescope / Snorkel system built and optimized for high-end HD cameras such as the Sony F23 and F900R, and the Panasonic VariCam and HPX3000.

"As 2/3" HD camera technology improves, we’re seeing more and more commercial and feature production shift from 35mm to HD," states Pete Abel, President of Abel Cine Tech. "The HD Scope gives DPs the creative lensing possibilities they have long enjoyed on 35mm shoots."

"This is why we’re so excited to work with Wolfgang and offer the HD Scope to our sales and rental clients. It’s the right product at the right time."

"I have a long relationship with Pete and Rich Abel," states Roessel. "Working with Abel Cine Tech was a logical choice for us because they are very deep technically and have so much experience in this specific market."

"My work on the T-Rex lens system quite naturally led to the design of HD Scope," continues Roessel, "and we’re thrilled with the optical performance of the final product."

Roessel approached the HD Scope with two critical factors in mind: image quality and operational efficiency. HD Scope employs the highest quality optical components in the design of the main snorkel unit and the accompanying lenses, which range from 4mm-13mm. This commitment to optical performance ensures that HD Scope images will intercut seamlessly with footage shot with any high quality 2/3" optics on the market, like Zeiss DigiPrimes and Canon HD-EC series primes.

HD Scope is able to navigate tight spaces thanks to a front head that pans 360° while maintaining the horizon. Additionally, the image itself can be internally rotated independently 360° within the frame. For complete remote control over the lens, the focus, image rotation, pan and iris functions all have .32 pitch gear rings for connecting lens motors. All of the HD Scope functions have large, easy to read scales.

HD Scope is distributed in North America by Abel Cine Tech and is available for rent or purchase. For more information, go to