The Effects of Sound: New offerings from are really making noise!
Posted Feb 21, 2008

"What is the sound of one hand clapping?" Those tricky Zen monks won’t tell you. But the elusive answer may just be heard among the new sound effects now available at From the familiar to the indefinable, the royalty-free music and sound effects library offers sound editors a new tool for their trade. "When we opened the sound effects section in January," says Derek Frederickson, content manager, "we had no idea how popular it would be." Ca-ching! (sound effect available)

With the addition of these new sound effects, now offers over 10,000 unique products for producers of corporate and entertainment media. "It’s amazing to watch the number of genres grow," says Fredrickson. "We’ve got Country music. I never thought we’d have that. It does have our own slant though." Other music categories include Ambient (atmospheric environments, textures & grooves), Downtempo (slow and smooth vibes), Electronic (beat-driven tracks of synthetic origin), Rock (electric guitar-centric musical stylings), Soundtrack (cinematic soundscapes organized by scene type) and World (sounds and rhythms from around the globe).

Frederickson says he receives a plethora of submissions every week from artists eager to have their work included in the catalog. How does he decide who makes the cut? "I gravitate toward artists who have a unique sound, a passion that comes through," he says. "Most of the submissions I’ve accepted are from bands looking for another way to get their material out, which gives our library a really unique sound." Frederickson adds that the majority of the tracks on the site are exclusive. offers individual tracks, genre-based individual volumes, multi-volume collections and subscription-based offerings. All music and sound effects are available for download or delivery in uncompressed 48k AIF, 44.1k WAV, or MP3 files. The tracks range from full-length and broadcast-length edits down to stingers and loops. All feature exceptional production and composition quality and can be easily previewed from the web site. is based in Chicago, IL and is a division of Twisted Media, Inc., a creative collective producing audio and video for an entertainment and corporate clientele.

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