FirstCom Music Announces Migration Toward Complete Electronic Delivery
Posted Feb 7, 2008

FirstCom Music, a leading provider of music services is pleased to announce their migration toward complete electronic delivery via their website and alternative delivery options. "The industry has known for some time that the CD is in the final phase of its life cycle and that it will soon be history. As industry leaders, we believe that their is no better time than the present to move toward a future that is both environmentally friendly, as well as convenient and cost efficient f! or our clients," says Carol Riffert, Vice President / General Manager for FirstCom Music.

In 2005 FirstCom Music started this migration with the release of online only discs and the launch of the very popular Director’s Choice compilation series, which is available exclusively online. FirstCom Music will now take their environmental commitment a step further by utilizing reusable USB drives for their new release demos. This will eliminate the need for over 30,000 demo discs each year.

"Of course all of our libraries are currently available via CD as well as in earth-friendly alternative options. Many of our clients have already taken advantage of efficient electronic delivery and we fully expect this trend to continue," says Riffert. Their hope is that clients will embrace this step towards the future as not only a convenience, but also as a good environmental measure.

FirstCom Music has traditionally been environmentally conscious, implementing recycling programs, and ordering quantities based on demand. "Our company has always been environmentally conscious, largely in part to our employees’ commitment to global issues. Over the years we have collectively developed ways to save paper, recycle office supplies and in general be responsible for our resources. Migration away from CD demos is just another way that we can do our part for the environment," says Riffert. FirstCom Music will continue to support clients who require or prefer the traditional CD delivery as long as the CD remains an industry standard.

While the complete migration to electronic delivery will take several years, FirstCom Music clients who are interested in online only or hard-drive delivery options should contact their FirstCom Music representative. FirstCom Music will arrange to replace their library with an alternative delivery option and at no cost to the client have their FirstCom Music CD library returned and recycled.