CDROM2GO.COM Launches USB Duplication Service
Posted Jan 17, 2008

CDROM2GO.COM has formally launched its new USB flash drive duplication service. In addition to CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs, customers can now order customized USB flash drives in large quantities.

USB flash drives, or "thumb" drives are small, portable devices that store data from 128MB to 4GB on a Flash memory chip. They are available in a variety of pocket sized configurations including keychains, lanyards, pens, and more. Custom USB flash drives display company logos to make lasting impressions on consumers and potential clients. They are excellent for distributing product demonstrations and information, video and multimedia files, and presentations. The reliability of Flash memory and the increase in consumer demand for mobile storage has prompted this move from the optical media duplication experts.

CDROM2GO.COM is currently offering silkscreen logo printing, laser engraving, heat stamping, and full color printing on select models. In addition, they can provide data preloading, data protection, custom colors, and a variety of other options. A full line of customizable packaging has also been announced.

CDROM2GO.COM is a full-service provider of DVD and CD duplication and replication services and supplies. Located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, CDROM2GO.COM maintains a large warehouse with thousands of items in stock and ready to ship. This includes Grade-A DVD and CD media, printers and supplies, disc packaging, mailers, labels, and a huge selection of equipment from do-it-yourself to professional grade gear.