iKan Introduces Multi-monitor Rack Mount
Posted Jan 14, 2008

In 2008, iKan is poised to get into rack mounts in a big way, introducing the RM4-25, the company's first dedicated rack-mount product. The RM4-25 contains four 2.5 inch high resolution LCD panels with front controls, a single captive power input, and BNC composite inputs with full BNC loop thru.

It has swivel mount so the operator can easily adjust the panels for the perfect viewing angle, and an all-metal design for durability For the low cost of $695.00 USD, the iKan RM4-25 is hard to beat and is sure to be a big hit with news truck operators and for professionals switching multi camera productions.

iKan has also introduced the new Uni-Racks, which are perfect for simple desktop mounting of rack-mountable audio/video equipment. The Uni-Rack 2 is sized at 2U, and the Uni-Rack 5 is sized at 5U. Both come complete with cage nuts and rack screws (a set of four for the Uni-Rack 2 and a set of eight for the Uni-Rack 5). The Uni-Racks tilt at a 54-degree angle for easy viewing.

Don't stack your gear on the desk-top, Rack-it! The iKan Uni-rack 2 & 5, available now for $49.95 and $79.95.