NewTek Releases Free Live Virtual Set Authoring Tool
Posted Dec 12, 2007

NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, today announced the release of LiveSet Generator™ for LightWave®, a free plug-in for LightWave v9 that facilitates the authoring of computer generated virtual sets. LiveSet Generator for LightWave takes advantage of the Emmy® award-winning modeling and rendering technology, providing a simple solution for the creation of custom, photo-realistic virtual sets. LiveSet Generator for LightWave is for use with LiveSet™, the proprietary virtual set technology found in NewTek’s TriCaster STUDIO™, Portable Live Production System, and VT[5]™, Integrated Production Suite.

LiveSet Generator™ for LightWave Features of the plug-in allows users to do the following:

"Until TriCaster STUDIO live virtual sets were only available to production facilities with deep pockets" said Andrew Cross, NewTek’s Executive Vice President of Software Engineering. "LiveSet Generator for LightWave now makes custom, photo-realistic, virtual sets available to video producers at all levels."

LiveSet™ Technology
LiveSet™ is a proprietary virtual set system included in TriCaster STUDIO and VT[5] products. LiveSet allows individual virtual set effects to be applied independently to each camera input as well as integrated DDRs and iVGA inputs. Each LiveSet effect offers virtual cameras with multiple camera angles and focal lengths, with support for secondary video sources, such as on-screen background monitors and video walls. The photo-realistic LiveSet engine allows real-time rendering of reflections, refractions, bump maps and more.

Pricing and Availability
The LiveSet Generator for LightWave is available as a free download for all registered owners of NewTek’s TriCaster STUDIO, Portable Live Production System, and VT[5], Integrated Production Suite. The LiveSet Generator for LightWave plug-in requires the use of LightWave v9. Registered owners of TriCaster Studio or VT[5] may purchase a full commercial copy of LightWave v9 for a special price of $495US.