Shining Technology Granted Patent for Its Direct Audio, Video Recording-Editing Technology
Posted Dec 6, 2007

Shining Technology, Inc., a global provider of essential peripherals to the professional broadcast and video markets, today announced it has been issued a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its unique AV recording technology.

Entitled "System and Method for Direct Recording of Audio, Video and/or Images for Easy Access and Editing," U.S. Patent No. 7,295,766 covers Shining’s proprietary technology for recording data, such as video, directly from video cameras onto tapeless hard drives – facilitating a video professional’s ability to edit instantly.

Shining has developed this system for several years and it is currently used worldwide in the company’s award-winning line of CitiDISK™ recorders. These palm-sized devices attach directly to DV/HDV/DVCPRO HD® video cameras and allow users to record footage directly to CitiDISK’s high-capacity (currently up to 120GB) video hard drive (and to tape simultaneously).

This tapeless recording capability eliminates the time-consuming video recapture process, making "on-the-spot" editing a reality for today’s broadcast and video pros, who must often edit instantly for immediate turnaround (e.g., online video uploads). The result is a significant resource savings in man-hours, production and field time, and the bottom line.

"The high-definition transformation we are all witnessing, whether at the professional or consumer level, represents a massive industry sea change," said Chris Wang, chief executive officer of Shining Technology. "Our company is proud to be well-positioned with the patented technology and the right products at the right time for a burgeoning global appetite to work with video digitally."