Facilis Technology Builds Stronger Storage Networks with One-Terabyte (TB) Drives, iSCSI and the Expandable 24EX Model
Posted Nov 28, 2007

Facilis Technology, Inc., a leader in shared media storage technology for post-production and content creation, today announced the availability of TerraBlockÒ shared storage networks with one-terabyte drives. The 1TB drives mark the largest capacity available today within a post-production storage environment. The 1TB drives are available in each TerraBlock model – 8XS, the new 24EX, 12-drive expandable model and the 24D.

The new drive capacity comes on the heels of other TerraBlock system advancements, including iSCSI Ethernet connectivity and the new 24EX model that eases expansion of server capacity. TerraBlock is able to support simultaneous access to the same uncompressed HD video data, making it ideal for high-end post production and finishing environments.

"With support for 1TB drives, a new 24EX model line and iSCSI Module for Ethernet connectivity, we’re again demonstrating our commitment to providing advanced workflow features for our customers," explained James McKenna, vice president, Facilis Technology. "Storage plays a key role in the workflow of a modern facility, and only TerraBlock is powerful enough to provide scalability for the next generation of deliverables, yet maintain its easy-to-use management and system maintenance."

TerraBlock combines intelligent drive management software with lower-cost SATA drive technology and dedicated optical fibre channel client connectivity. TerraBlock supports all Avid, Apple, Adobe and other non-linear editorial, graphics and effects applications, content creation, DI and encoding systems on various Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. Facilis Technology’s capacity and scalability options provide post-production environments the greatest flexibility by supporting all creative tools, without limitations.

To learn more about TerraBlock shared storage or to locate an authorized reseller, visit www.facilis.com.