16x9 Inc introduces Wide Converter for Sony HVR-V1U
Posted Nov 20, 2007

Introducing I6x9 Inc.'s EX 0.7X Wide Converter for the Sony HVR-V1U and other compact HD camcorders. This professional optic easily attaches to the 62mm threads on the front of the camcorder's 3.9-78mm lens for 30% more wide-angle coverage than the lens alone affords.

Weighing only 13.75 oz. (390 grams) the EX 0.7X Wide Converter has been elegantly engineered and crafted with no sacrifice in quality. The sleek 3-element design utilizes state-of-the-art coated glass for clean high definition pictures.

When installed, the EX 0.7X modifies the camera's original 3.9-78mm lens to a wider 2.73-54.6mm focal length. Or using the 35mm SLR equivalent, the original 37.4-748mm lens broadens to 26-523mm with the 0.7X attached. The lens retains its full zoom capability and there is no light loss or vignetting.

The Wide Converter features an 82mm front thread that permits users to directly mount glass filters and other accessories in front of the optic. Plus the EX 0.7X is fully compatible with popular mattebox systems such as those from Alfred Chrosziel. For a neat shading solution, 16x9 offers an optional lightweight Rubber Lens Shade.

Like the rest of the 16x9 Inc. EX Collection of specialty lenses, the EX 0.7X Wide Converter is manufactured in Japan. Suggested U.S. price for the EX 0.7X Wide Converter is $495 with an introductory special of $440. The Rubber Lens Shade lists at $125 with a promo of $110 while supplies last.