Music 2 Hues Announces New Product Additions
Posted Sep 25, 2007

Music 2 Hues has released a new addition to its Flagship Series production music line. Andy Wells, president of Music 2 Hues adds, "With the addition of this new release we are providing our content developers with new and exciting music selections.

The new title: "Funk Guitar & Bass" is now shipping worldwide. "This release satisfies the needs of our clients who have been asking for a CD of funky based grooves, featuring electric guitar & bass."

In other news, Music 2 Hues' Instant Download Center now allows the user to download complete categories and CDs at a discount from the single track price.

Also added this month - New Sound Effect categories to our Instant Download Center. The "X" Series have been added to our download center and offers 200 production element electronic FX. These categories can be downloaded entirely for one price. Our Download center provides all the music from our Flagship Series CD's for immediate download. Over 1000 music tracks and 500 sound effects are offered in the download center.