Miraizon Releases New Versions of Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows
Posted Sep 12, 2007

Miraizon(R), a San Jose- based digital media software company, announced today the availability of its new product Cinematize(R) 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows, the Ultimate DVD Re-Editing Tool. The latest versions, Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh v. 2.02 and Cinematize 2 Pro for Windows v. 2.01 both include several new features such as full MPEG-1 audio decoding capability, the ability to save still images directly from Cinematize 2 Pro, support for Apple TV movie file output, and various user interface improvements as well as some fixes. In addition, Cinematize 2 Pro for Windows is now fully Vista compatible. Complete lists of the new features and fixes, free demos, and free updaters are all available at: http:// www.miraizon.com/support/downloads.html.

The latest versions of Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows can be purchased at http://www.miraizon.com/store/store.html. "We are very excited to release the latest and greatest versions of Cinematize 2 Pro with many useful new features. Now users can better handle DVDs that use the MPEG-1 audio format rather than the more common AC-3 and PCM formats. They can also save out still pictures directly from Cinematize 2 Pro for use in photo albums or presentations. Users with the latest technologies will benefit from the Apple TV movie file output support and Vista compatibility, " says Miraizon founder and CEO, David Salamon.

Cinematize 2 Pro, the Ultimate DVD Re-Editing Tool, is a highly rated application that extracts virtually any piece of a DVD, be it audio, video, subtitles, or menus. The extracted files are in formats ready for use in popular applications including QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, PowerPoint, iTunes, Apple TV, or even an iPod. Building on its predecessor Cinematize 2, Cinematize 2 Pro lets users extract and decode subtitles to QuickTime movies or images, extract video from DVD-VR discs produced by recorders, and extract all channels from multi-channel audio tracks. In addition, Cinematize 2 Pro allows extraction from DVD menus including buttons, background images, motion menus, and audio tracks. Cinematize 2 Pro users can also increase their productivity dramatically with numerous time-saving features such as batch processing of multiple segments, presets for frequently-used preferences, comprehensive display of timecodes, and improved extraction performance.

Cinematize 2 Pro users include not only digital media professionals from major Hollywood studios and TV networks, but also school teachers, DJs, lawyers, doctors, advertising professionals, and home users from all over the world. They use Cinematize 2 Pro to accomplish a wide range of projects including re-editing DVDs, incorporating DVD clips into presentations, creating movie highlights collections, editing recorded TV programs, creating still pictures, extracting subtitles for language studies, and creating audio clips for CDs, iPods, and iTunes. Cinematize 2 Pro is an essential tool for anybody who works extensively with DVDs.

Priced at $129.95, the latest download versions of Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows are immediately available for purchase from the company’s online store at: http://www.miraizon.com/store/ store.html. Priced at $149.95, the latest box versions of Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh and Windows are also available from the company’s online store. Existing Cinematize 2 users can upgrade to Cinematize 2 Pro for Macintosh or Windows starting from $89.95. Free updaters for existing Cinematize 2 Pro users and free demo versions are also available for download at: http://www.miraizon.com/support/downloads.html.