MKM/Verbatim Announces LightScribe CDs/DVDs and Ink
Posted Oct 1, 2004

Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd. (MKM) has announced an agreement with Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) to produce and market LightScribe ink, CD, and DVD discs developed in collaboration with HP. With a LightScribe-enabled drive, consumers can use the same laser that burned the data to the disc to make a distinctive-looking label for the other side of the disc. MKM will market LightScribe discs, stampers, and ink.

The first-generation LightScribe discs produced and sold by MKM/Verbatim in 2005 will be monochrome. Second-generation LightScribe discs, which will be able to accept multi-color printing, are under development. Although LightScribe features have been added, the discs are also compatible with all current CD and DVD standards.