Toshiba Introduces Dual-Layer, Dual-Format DVD Recordable Drive
Posted Sep 24, 2004

Toshiba Storage Device Division introduced a new dual-layer, dual-format 5X DVD+R. The first DVD recorder from Toshiba Samsung Storage Technologies, the SD-R5372 also features a 16X DVD+R single-layer specification. The dual-layer media capability offers twice the storage capacity of a single-layer DVD and 12 times the capacity of a CD at 8.5GB.

The SD-R5372 incorporates also includes a power control system that adjusts speeds to layer demands, a new laser in the pickup head for writing to double-layer media, and an optimized write strategy for both dual-layer and 16X DVD+R media. The SD-R5372 will be available in October in a retail kit with video editing, data backup and CD creation software.